Biomechanics in health and disease:
advanced physical tools for innovative early diagnosis
H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018 n. 812772

ESR4. Javier Lopez Alonso

Short biographic note  

Javier is a PhD student from Spain with a BA in pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and experience assisting a bioinformatics startup applying pharma industry standards (ALCOA+; 21 CFR Part 11) in their processes as a QA Officer.

Specializing in Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical research, he had gained real-world knowledge at the Service of Development of Medicines (Pharmacy Faculty, University of Barcelona) assisting in drug development. Expanding on that experience, was a Postgraduate course in Quality Assurance applied in drug R&D; and a year working in a Bigfinite, a bioinformatics startup, helping to develop quality control systems and ensuring data integrity.

At Bigfinite, he also learned industry-standard automated software testing and acquired Python coding knowledge with voluntary courses and veteran mentors.

Project Title

Nano-mechanics Response of Cells and tissues in Disease

Start date

1st June 2019




Measuring nano-biomechanics of cells and tissues based on correlatives approaches

Expected results

The ESR will participate in the development of instrumentation, sample preparation and analysis tools for measuring nano-mechanics parameters of cells/tissues including using correlative methods. He/She will use through a collaboration with the Center for International Research on MicroMechatronics Institute of Industrial Science, CNRS/University of Tokyo, microfluidics, nano-indentation, and MEMs approaches. He/She will apply this method to various cell types and tissue collected from patients suffering from colon or kidney cancer. The ESR will also be involved in science communication, training and dissemination. This ESR is shared with IBEC in a pilot joint doctorate project.

Planned secondments

1. IBEC, D. Navajas (month 8, 2 months). Use of complementary biological samples as tissues and cells from pathological disorders. 2. UB, M. Radmacher (month 14, 2 months). 3. TMT-C2RC, M.-C. Copin (month 20, 4 months). 4. UMIL, A. Podestà (month 28, 2 months). Nano-indentation, implementing correlative microscopy.
ESR4 is a joint PhD project (CNRS/IBEC).


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