Biomechanics in health and disease:
advanced physical tools for innovative early diagnosis
H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018 n. 812772

Training and Networking


1st Workshop (7-9 october 2020, Lago di Garda, Gargnano, Italy).

3rd Progress Meeting ( 6 october 2020, Lago di Garda, Gargnano, Italy).

Nanomechanics school  (11-13th March 2020, Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany).

The second school of the project, as well as the 2nd Progress Meeting, was done by video conference due to the travel restrictions enforced after the nCovid.2019 outbreak in Europe.

The virtual school consisted in a presentation of commericals nano-indenters by Optic11, one of our partner, followed by online lectures by some Principal Investigators (PIs) of the project :

  • "Contact Mechanics" by Prof. Felix Rico (INSERM)
  • "Viscoelasticity" by Prof. Daniel Navajas (IBEC)
  • "Analysis of Thermal Data and Force Curves" by Prof. Manfred Radmacher (UB) and Hands-on examples using Python.


2nd Progress meeting and Mid-term check (9-10th March 2020, Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany)

The 2nd Progress Meeting was done by video conference due to the travel restrictions enforced after the nCovid.2019 outbreak in Europe.

All partners and ESRs were present to discuss about the advancement of the project and the oncoming activities. Every ESRs had a chance to present his/her achievement within the Work Packages. 

Next Progress Meeting will be in Garda Lake, Italy in October 2020.



AFMBioMed summer school 2019 and 1st Phys2BioMed summer school  (21-25 October, Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble, France).

The first school of the project took place in grenoble in the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) during the 11th AFMBioMed Summer School. All the 15 recruited ESRs were present.


The School offered an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine.Lectures were schedule in the morning and were complemented by practicals and demonstration in the afternoon on different type of AFM intruments.


The full program and details can be found on the website of the school : AFMBioMed Summer Schools.


Principal Invertigators of the project such as prof. Alessandro Podestà, Prof. Daniel Navajas, Prof. Malgorzata Lekka, Dr. Frank Lafont, Dr. Jean-Luc Pellequer, Prof. Manfred Radmacher and Prof. Felix Rico gave lectures and practical trainings.


Participants of the AFMBioMed Summer School and 1st ITN Phys2BioMed Summer School.

AFMBioMed 2019 conference  (2-6 September 2019, Munster, Germany).

The AFM BioMed conference was focusing on 4 main topics:

·         Data processing

·         Cellular mechanics

·         Single molecules and membranes

·         Biomedical applications

Besides attending the conference, it was the occasion for the ESRs to present themselves with a personal poster, describing their scientific background and future work and their objectives in the Phys2BioMed project. A project's poster was also presented.

Training on AFM was scheduled specifically for the ESRs.

The next AFMbioMed conference will be held in 2021.

IMG_6220_crPIs and ESRs during the AFMBioMed conference opening.


1st Progress Meeting (2 September 2019, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet, Munster, Germany).

It was the occasion for the ESRs to meet and to get to know each others. ESRs, Partners and PIs presented themselves.

Ongoing and near-future activities, as well as the future logo, were discussed and ESR's representatives were elected.

group_photoPIs and ESRs during the pre-meeting


Kick-Off Meeting (26-27 February 2019, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy).

Welcome to Milano


Welcome to Università degli Studi di Milano




The participants. From left to right: Wolfgang Goldmann (FAU), Antonia Samorè (UMIL, Project Manager), Kevin Bielawski (O11), Hermann Schillers (WWW), Arnaud Millet (CHUGR), Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA), Frank Lafont (CNRS), Manfred Radmacher (UB), Ramon Farré (Uni Barcelona), Daniel Caudepon (IBEC, Project Manager), Malgorzata Lekka (IFJPAN), Alessandro Podestà (UMIL, Coordinator), Daniel Navajas (IBEC), Massimo Alfano (OSR), Felix Rico (INSERM), Carsten Schulte (UMIL).